AAAA Records and Why We Want Them

The current Internet has about 4 billion public unique addresses (2^32). ARIN, the organization that regulates Internet address allocation in the North America predicts that the remaining space to be exhausted by 2010.

The solution to the lack of address space has been the development of a new standard known as IPv6. IPv6 solves the lack of address space by increasing the number of bits used (2^128). While this is a complex and hard transition it is important to provide some level of support even if your network does not support dual stack. This is we feel DreamHost should offer quad A records (AAAA). These are A records that store IPv6 addresses.

The following is a list of reasons why DreamHost should implement AAAA records.

  1. Hosting AAAA records does not require that the network be dual stack (no IPv6 at network layer).
  2. DreamHost is a domain reseller. Most domain resellers now support AAAA records.
  3. It's easy to implement via PowerDNS
  4. IPv6 addresses need DNS . Try remembering this 2610:48:10a0:1ce0:a00:20ff:fef7:caaf

Example MySQL Query Showing PowerDNS & AAAA Records:
INSERT INTO `records` (`id`, `domain_id`, `name`, `type`, `content`, `ttl`, `prio`, `change_date`) VALUES        
        (13, 1, '', 'AAAA', '2610:48:10a0:1ce0:a00:20ff:fef7:caae', 120, NULL, NULL);


- The Happy Customer IPv6 Persuasion Team!